Our People

At Andrew Long and Associates we have 16 permanent staff and a similar number of dedicated professional consultants, specialists and graduates. Our team members are experts in their areas with a reputation for the provision of sound specialist advice on both Aboriginal and historical heritage issues.

Andrew  Long

Andrew Long, Founding Director M Litt Archaeology, BA Hons

Andrew Long is a well respected consultant archaeologist and heritage project manager, active across Australia and the UK for the past 28 years. He has extensive experience in delivering a broad range of archaeological planning studies, management solutions and mitigation strategies to both public and private sectors. He has a BA ... read more
Jonathan Howell-Meurs

Jonathan Howell-Meurs, Executive Director MA Archaeology, BA Hons

Jon Howell-Meurs, Executive Director of Andrew Long and Associates has over 11 years professional experience in archaeological and heritage consulting in Victoria providing expert advice regarding both Aboriginal and European heritage. read more
Ricky Feldman

Ricky Feldman, Executive Director BA Hons Archaeology, BSc

Ricky Feldman, Executive Director at Andrew Long and Associates has over ten years professional experience in archaeological and heritage consulting in Victoria, providing expert advice regarding both Aboriginal and European heritage. read more
Dr Josara de Lange

Dr Josara de Lange, GIS Manager PhD Archaeology, MA, MGeoIT

Josara has more than fifteen years’ experience in archaeological project design and management, report preparation and stone artefact analysis in both European and Australian contexts. She joined Andrew Long + Associates in 2006 as a lithic artefacts analyst, conducting detailed analyses of stone artefact assemblages, creati... read more
David Mathews

David Mathews, Senior Project Manager BA Hons Archaeology

David Mathews has been a consulting archaeologist for the past 11 years. As a Senior Project Manager his focus is on large, complex projects, showcasing a strong capacity to work with clients to ensure cultural heritage outcomes that are robust in the regulatory environment.David specialises in the design and supervision of subsur... read more
Elizabeth Gay

Elizabeth Gay, Administration and Communications Manager BA Hons, Creative Industries

Elizabeth has a diverse range of experience in management positions and communications development. She has worked across many different industries, designing, managing and implementing communications projects and administration systems. Her professional experience has allowed her to develop her passion and skills in business mana... read more
Dr Michael Green

Dr Michael Green, Senior Project Manager PhD, BA Hons

Mike has 27 years of professional and academic experience in archaeology, biological anthropology and Indigenous cultural heritage management across Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. He is a nationally recognised expert in Indigenous ancestral remains.Prior to joining Andrew Long + Associates he was Head of the Indigen... read more
Sam Gowing

Sam Gowing, Project Administrator BA Hons, Fine Arts, Cert IV OHS

Sam boasts over 18 years of experience in Project and Product Management in the giftware and product design industries. Throughout this time she has had the opportunity to work on numerous events based projects, giving her a wealth of experience in managing  all elements of projects from scheduling staff and managing assets t... read more
Melinda Albrecht

Melinda Albrecht, Senior Project Manager MA Archaeology, BA Hons

Melinda has more than eleven years of professional experience working as a cultural heritage advisor. Entering the field of archaeology with a Masters degree from Latrobe University, Melinda has developed a professional strength for attaining excellence in the management of Australian cultural heritage management. Her breadth of e... read more
Dr Jacqui Tumney

Dr Jacqui Tumney, GIS Officer + Lithic Artefact Analyst PhD Archaeology, MArchaeology, Ba/Bsc (Hons) Earth Sciences

Jacqui completed her PhD in Archaeology at La Trobe University in 2011. She has been a vital part of many Andrew Long + Associates projects as a GIS Officer and Lithic Artefact Analyst since 2012. read more
Louisa Roy

Louisa Roy, GIS Officer + Lithic Artefact Analyst BArch (Hons) Australian Indigenous Archaeology, DipLang (Chinese), MGIT (Ongoing)

Louisa completed her Honours for the Bachelor of Archaeology at La Trobe University in 2013. During the course of her degree, she was particularly interested in the practice and theory of Australian Indigenous archaeology and specialised in stone artefact analysis and assemblage interpretation.Currently, Louisa is undertaking the ... read more
Paul Pepdjonovic

Paul Pepdjonovic, Project Archaeologist BA Archaeology Honours

Paul completed his honours in archaeology at Latrobe University in 2012. His subsequent professional experience in both museum and consulting contexts has seen his skills in strategic collection management and historical archaeology develop to a high level. Paul has been responsible for state collection rehabilitations, and l... read more
Penelope Spry

Penelope Spry, Project Manager MA Archaeology

Penelope completed her Masters of Archaeological Science with the Australian National University in 2013. She has had extensive experience working within cultural heritage legislative frameworks, in report writing, archaeological surveying, complex subsurface testing, site identification and recording and salvage excavations. read more
Zak Jones

Zak Jones , Project Manager BA

Zak completed his Bachelor of Archaeology at La Trobe University in 2013. His studies focussed on Australian Indigenous archaeology and specifically zooarchaeology; the study of animal bone assemblages within archaeological contexts. His experience has included research in Europe and Tasmania. read more