Andrew Long + Associates


ALA Archaeologists in Papua New Guinea Highlands.

Since 2009 Andrew Long and Associates have been involved in the PNG LNG project in the Southern Highlands and Western Provinces of Papua New Guinea.

Cultural Heritage Advisors from Andrew Long and Associates have been assisting Coffey Environments and Coffey Natural Systems with the provision of strategic archaeological and cultural heritage advice during the pre-construction stagPNG-Pit.jpge of the project. We have been involved in a range of specialist activities, including;

  •  undertaking pre-construction surveys and landowner interviews aimed at identifying and assessing cultural heritage and archaeological sites,
  • the excavation and assessment of cultural heritage and archaeological sites of potential significance in the PNG highlands and PNG LNG upstream facilities,
  •  overseeing the management of cultural heritage sites at construction locations across the PNG LNG project,
  • and, implementing indigenous-oriented protocols in cooperation with PNG government (the National Museum) and private cultural heritage consultancies (Social Research Institute).

Andrew Long and Associates continues working on the PNG LNG project in close partnership with Coffey providing our team with invaluable experience and expertise on archaeological and cultural heritage issues within Papua New Guinea. Our work in PNG, builds on our extensive portfolio of work with indigenous groups in Australia where we have negotiated successful cultural heritage outcomes for development projects for over 15 years.