Andrew Long + Associates, cultural heritage consultants, provide a broad range of archaeological and heritage consulting services to public and private sector clients.
As one of the largest providers of heritage consultancy services in Victoria, we have built a strong reputation for giving sound advice on cultural heritage matters.

Delivering Quality Outcomes in Cultural Heritage

    Andrew Long + Associates are known leaders in the field of Cultural Heritage Management. Based in Victoria, we are recognised as Cultural Heritage Advisors under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, and are proud to have had over 500 Cultural Heritage Management Plans approved to date and a strong track record of VCAT successes.

    As one of the largest cultural heritage management consultancy firms in Victoria, we have the expertise and resources to assist with major projects across Australia and Internationally, while also focused on providing cost-effective solutions to local developers, government agencies and community groups.

    Our cultural heritage project solutions are client focused, cost effective and best practice. With over 22 years’ experience with dealing the regulatory and management aspects of  heritage sites our team will ensure your project runs smoothly.

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      More Heritage Services

      Archaeological Surveys
      + Excavations

      We can provide full service field surveys, excavations and reporting to assist with all archaeological and heritage investigations.

      Major Project Planning

      We offer the best expert advice available for key planning decisions typically required for projects meeting the threshold for state-based major planning instruments

      Geographic Information Services (GIS)

      With our capacity and expertise, we can assist you with any GIS based requirements for heritage or other purposes.

      Historical Heritage

      Historical heritage management at Andrew Long + Associates is run by our specialist heritage team.

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