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Digital Data Initiative (DADA) Standardising Digital Archaeological Data

The Victorian Digital Archaeological Data Archive (DADA) is an industry-driven initiative that aims to make digital archaeological data more readily available for cultural heritage management and research purposes. The DADA project is being developed by Dr Josara de Lange, GIS Manager at Andrew Long + Associates, with support from the Heritage Team at Aboriginal Affairs…
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ACT Scarred Tree Workshops

Andrew Long, our Founding Director, recently travelled to Canberra to present three days of workshops on the formation, identification and management of Aboriginal scarred trees. Present were over 30 participants from Representative Aboriginal Organisations (RAOs), the United Ngunnawal Elders Council and Government Agencies across both the ACT and NSW. The event was hosted by the…
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“Neither Bombs nor Butter” – V. Gordon Childe and the Life Archaeological

Michael Lever, ALA Project Archaeologist recently gave an interesting talk on Gordon Childe at the Melbourne Museum to the Anthropological and Archaeological Society of Victoria. There would be few archaeologists who did not know something of Childe’s contribution to their discipline. Yet recognition of the scale of this contribution and the unique character of the…
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Hygiene in 19th Century Melbourne

In August this year, Andrew Long and Associates Project Archaeologist, Michael Lever delivered a lecture on health, hygiene, and material culture in nineteenth century Melbourne Death and disease wrought tragedy in Melbourne throughout most of the 19th century, particularly among children the working-class poor. During this time, the medical profession and government were certain they…
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