Melinda Albrecht


Melinda Albrecht, Senior Project Manager

MA Archaeology, BA Hons


Melinda has more than 15 years of professional experience working as a cultural heritage advisor. Entering the field of archaeology with a Masters degree from Latrobe University, Melinda has developed a professional strength for attaining excellence in the management of Australian cultural heritage management. Her breadth of experience includes working on a variety of Victorian based projects. Her focus on effective community consultation to achieve positive project outcomes is a highly valuable asset in the regulatory environment.


Since joining ALA in 2008, Melinda has taken a lead role in the preparation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans for both private and government sectors. She has a strong and consistent track record of gaining approval from evaluating bodies, whilst keeping her projects within client project constraints. Melinda’s role as a Senior Project Manager has seen her expertly managing major time-sensitive cultural heritage assessments, as well as mentoring graduate staff as they enter the industry.

Melinda is a listed cultural heritage advisor under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Vic).

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