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Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) are reports legally required for many types of development in Victoria to manage and protect Aboriginal cultural heritage. Many developers first hear about CHMPs when they are asked by Council to prepare one as a pre-condition for planning approval.

Do you need a Cultural Heritage Management Plan? Our first step when you contact us, is to first determine whether a mandatory CHMP is required. Our Cultural Heritage Assessment may be sufficient to satisfy council requirements.

If you do need to prepare a CHMP, we have the experience and resources to secure approval for your CHMP as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

A CHMP comprises a report for managing Aboriginal cultural heritage in compliance with the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. The CHMP must be approved by the appropriate statutory authority, often an Aboriginal organisation known as a Registered Aboriginal Party, or RAP.

A CHMP may comprise desktop, field investigations and management recommendations. We will undertake all required investigations, stakeholder and government consultation, implementation of recommendations, compliance auditing and peer review. We have innovative, flexible management solutions and extensive resources to cost-effectively respond to the requirements of any project.

We have completed over 220 approved CHMPs in Victoria, including some of the most high profile and challenging plans prepared to date.  Cultual heritage management plans can be prepared for a variety of legislative jurisdictions including all Australian states and territories, Papua New Guinea and further afield.