Archaeological Surveys and Excavations

archaeological survey by Andrew Long + Associates

Cultural Heritage Surveys

Andrew Long + Associates can provide full archaeological surveys, excavations and reporting to assist with any type of cultural heritage project. Our fully qualified and experienced team of archaeology professionals are among the best in their field, combining first class technology with their expert cultural and historical knowledge. We can help you with your project from planning to finish.

25 Years of Field Experience

For the past 25 plus years we have developed fieldwork programs designed to coordinate client constraints with efficiency and compliance in the regulatory environment. We offer cost effective and best practice solutions to manage your project regardless of size.

Andrew Long +Associates’ expertise comes from years of experience working on high profile projects in the private, government and resource sectors including; East-West Link, Shaw River Project and Growth Areas Authority. Our extensive work managing archaeological field surveys, site significance assessments and mitigation measures has grown our methodologies to be reliable and solution focused ensuring continual improvement in our processes to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients, communities and cultural heritage.

Dedicated GIS Technicians

Our team will manage all aspects of your project requirements with dedicated specialists in the area of geographic information predictive modelling data (GIS) to ensure effective interaction with ecological or other constraint data for your project.

Contact An Archaeological Consultant

If you are interested in engaging us to conduct an archaeological survey or excavation, please not not hesitate to contact us, or click the button below to make an appointment.