Cultural Heritage Services

heritage consultants australiaAndrew Long + Associates provide cultural and historical heritage services that address individual development project needs. Our consulting, planning, archaeological survey, assessment and management services can be tailored to meet the exacting requirements of major project planning, while also providing cost-effective solutions to small developers and community groups in Victoria, Australia.

Our professional team includes all the expertise needed to thoroughly investigate, report and provide management solutions related to cultural and historical heritage through regulatory compliance. Andrew Long + Associates are officially recognised as cultural heritage advisors under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2006. Since 1996, we have delivered expert results for small and large private developers as well as government and local councils, offering best practice, cost effective and heritage regulation compliant solutions to manage your project.

Heritage Consulting

As one of the largest heritage project consulting firms in Victoria, we can offer the best consultation and advice on cultural and historical, indigenous and non-indigenous heritage. Our consultants work with you to help you navigate the legal, technical and practical aspects of heritage planning and management so that you understand all your options through every stage of your project. With access to a team archaeologists, technicians and heritage legislation experts, you can have certainty that your project remains in compliance whilst optimising the use of your project’s resources.


Cultural Heritage Assessments

A Cultural Heritage Assessment (CHA) is a detailed report of the findings from assessing an area that may be of cultural significance. If a CHA determines that there are legitimate reasons why a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is not required, this can significantly reduce compliance costs. A CHA can be prepared as part of your due diligence process, impact statement, or as expert evidence prepared for presentation to Council or VCAT. We can also act on your behalf as expert witnesses at VCAT or panel hearings.


Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP)

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is a report developed for managing a heritage site that is compliant with heritage legislation. With innovative, flexible management solutions and access to extensive expertise and resources, we can cost-effectively respond to the requirements of any sized development project requiring a Cultural Heritage Management Plan, either for due diligence or when developing in an area identified as a place of cultural heritage sensitivity or significance.


Historical Heritage Assessment & Management

We provide integrated assessment and management solutions for urban redevelopment and projects that involve potential impact to non-indigenous historical heritage, in compliance with state or territory legislation. Andrew Long + Associates has all the in-house expertise needed to undertake surveys and professionally assess artefacts and sites of historical significance as well as manage the process of their recovery or restoration and preservation.


Major Project Heritage Planning & Management

Many major development and infrastructure projects have enlisted the specialist heritage expertise and resources of Andrew Long + Associates We have provided cultural heritage planning services and advice for EES, EIA, CIS and other major planning projects undertaken in Victoria in recent years, including;  Eastlink, Peninsula Link, Westlink, Regional Rail Link, East-West Link, Truck Action Plan, Channel Deepening Project, Melbourne-Geelong Interconnector, Western Highway Project and many more.


Archaeological Surveys and Excavations

Andrew Long + Associates can provide archaeological investigations and surveys/excavations in the field. Our fully qualified and experienced team of archaeologists are among the best in their field, combining first class technology with their expert cultural and historical knowledge. If you need an archaeological excavation or survey conducted as part of a project, Andrew Long + Associates are the experts you can have confidence in our team to deliver professional, best practice and compliant results.


Geographic Mapping and GIS

With our capacity and expertise, we can assist you with any GIS (Geographic Information Systems) based requirement, heritage or otherwise, including ecological and other constraints mapping that may provide useful information to your development plans.


Why Choose Andrew Long + Associates?

Andrew Long+ Associates are a leading heritage services firm based in Victoria, Australia. Here are a few reasons why we stand out in the industry:

  • Our services are designed to maximise the efficiency of the resources needed for development projects to comply with heritage legislation.
  • We have a very successful track record for quality outcomes for our clients.
  • We’ve worked with a diverse portfolio of clients and projects over more than two decades of operation.
  • We are one of the largest heritage consulting firms in Victoria, with access to a vast talent pool, equipment and resources.
  • We can be your complete resource for heritage related services: legal, archaeological, research, assessment reporting, planning and management.
  • Using effective communication, we can break down complicated legal and technical language into easy to understand and actionable detail.

Where to Start?

If you need assistance with a development project that is potentially affected by heritage regulations, simply call us on 03 9470 9222, or send us a message to arrange an initial consultation to explore your specific requirements.