Chris Lovell


Chris Lovell, Senior Project Archaeologist

BA Hons Archaeology, BSc


Bachelor of Arts Hons, Archaeology, Bachelor of Computer Science

Chris completed Bachelor of Archaeology (Hons) at La Trobe University in 2015. He has taken on all facets of the cultural heritage industry including the coordination of field programs, both surface and sub-surface excavations. Chris has also authored a number of cultural heritage management plans, cultural heritage assessments, preliminary Aboriginal heritage tests and historical reports. Chris his Remote Pilot License (RePl) and works with our GIS team on projects involving drone work.


Since joining Andrew Long + Associates in Chris has gained much experience working within cultural heritage legislative frameworks. He has conducted cultural heritage assessments, cultural heritage management plans, cultural value assessments and preliminary Aboriginal heritage tests for a broad range of projects. He has experience in consultation with regulatory bodies, developers and traditional owner groups to achieve positive outcomes for Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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