Dr Linda Sonego

Dr Linda Senago, Senior Project Manager

PhD Classical Archaeology, MA, BA (Hons)


Linda completed her PhD in Classical Archaeology at La Trobe University in 2019. She has national and international experience in archaeological excavations and museum internships and has been a part of the Andrew Long + Associates team since 2021.


Linda has experience managing Australian cultural heritage on a state, national and Commonwealth level for both Indigenous and historical projects. She has worked in all mainland states and territories both on the ground managing fieldwork and developing recommendations for the best management of cultural heritage.  Throughout this time Linda has authored and co-authored numerous cultural heritage management plans, heritage impact assessments, consent applications and Aboriginal heritage impact permits. She has worked successfully alongside a variety of stakeholders including Traditional Owner groups, government agencies and private enterprises, and maintains strong relationships with diverse stakeholders across the country.

In addition to her work in Australian archaeology, Linda also remains connected to the world of classical archaeology through participation in conferences, work as a research assistant and as an Adjunct Research Fellow at La Trobe University.

Linda is a listed cultural heritage advisor under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Vic).

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