ACT Scarred Tree Workshops

Andrew Long, our Founding Director, recently travelled to Canberra to present three days of workshops on the formation, identification and management of Aboriginal scarred trees. Present were over 30 participants from Representative Aboriginal Organisations (RAOs), the United Ngunnawal Elders Council and Government Agencies across both the ACT and NSW.

The event was hosted by the ACT Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) as an initiative to improve awareness about the formation, types and distribution of Aboriginal scarred trees across the ACT, so that better management responses and solutions can be found for the protection of this significant, but vulnerable cultural resource.

Presenting both visual and practical field demonstrations, inspired much lively debate about the cultural aspects of tree scarring and bark use, the natural processes which influence the form of scarred trees today, and the role of Aboriginal people in their ongoing management.

Event facilitator, Darren Chong (ESD) said “the workshops exceeded my expectations, and I have received much enthusiastic feedback from the participants. I am sure everyone left with a positive attitude of how to move forward."

Andrew has previously undertaken high level scarred tree consultancies for the Victorian, NSW and Queensland State Governments, and is in demand as a specialist consultant on culturally modified trees across the country. To find out more about Andrew’s specialist culturally modified trees capability, read more here.

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