Dr Josephine Verduci


Dr Josephine Verduci, Senior Project Manager

PhD, BA Hons


  • PhD in Classics and Archaeology, University of Melbourne, 2016

Josephine is an experienced cultural heritage professional with over 12 years’ experience working throughout Australia and internationally. She has experience in both Historical and Aboriginal archaeology and has successfully managed and authored numerous cultural heritage assessments, management plans and archaeological surveys across diverse environments. In addition, she has published several articles and book chapters on Aegean and Near Eastern archaeology in Australian and international journals and edited volumes.


At Andrew Long + Associates we welcomed Josephine to our senior project team in 2017. She has bought her extensive experience managing complex field programmes to benefit our work. Josephine ensures effective completing of major time-sensitive cultural heritage assessments for both our Government and private clients. Her proactive and best practice approach results in cultural heritage projects that stand up within the regulatory environment.

Josephine is a registered cultural heritage advisor under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (Vic), and a member of the Australian Archaeological Association.

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