Nov 19

Andrew Long and Associates have been in the press recently featuring our work on the old Kyneton Hospital development. read more

Sep 22

Regional Rail Link's cultural heritage management has been an ongoing project for Andrew Long and Associates. Recently the importance of this work was featured on SBS. read more

Dec 16

Project Archaeologist Eric Endacott, has taken some time out of his project work to show some school kids just what can be found underground. read more

Aug 22

Dear valued clients and friends of Andrew Long + Associates, welcome to our first regular newsletter, in which we will be updating you on changes and development both within the company and across the cultural heritage industry. read more

Aug 22

We are excited to announce that Andrew Long + Associates are launching a new Geelong branch. read more

Aug 22

The Victorian Digital Archaeological Data Archive (DADA) is an industry-driven initiative that aims to make digital archaeological data more readily available for cultural heritage management and research purposes. read more

Aug 22

Andrew Long, our Founding Director, recently travelled to Canberra to present three days of workshops on the formation, identification and management of Aboriginal scarred trees. read more

Jun 20

Expert evidence secures two further wins for our clients at VCAT! read more

Jul 30

Michael Lever, ALA Project Archaeologist recently gave an interesting talk on Gordon Childe at the Melbourne Museum to the Anthropological and Archaeological Society of Victoria. read more

Sep 03

In August this year, Andrew Long and Associates Project Archaeologist, Michael Lever delivered a lecture on health, hygiene, and material culture in nineteenth century Melbourne at Latrobe University. read more

Dec 09

Dedicated Andrew Long and Associates staff raise a total of $2200 by being MoBros and MoSistas... read more

Nov 14

In a profession where facial hair was once obligatory, the razors have been put away and emerging moustaches keenly watched! read more